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Williamson’s runner-up finish to Decker in Can-Am World Finals clinches Canadian’s first Super DIRTcar Series championship

CONCORD, NC — Nov. 9, 2019 — The entire 2019 Super DIRTcar Series season came down to Saturday night’s Can-Am World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. Seven-time champion Matt Sheppard was on the pole opposite the hottest driver on the tour, Mat Williamson, who was seeking his first crown.


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Super DIRTcar Series Drama Lifts Williamson to Championship Lead Over Sheppard as Phelps Powers to Can-Am World Finals Win

CONCORD, NC — Nov. 8, 2019 — High drama for the Super DIRTcar Series championship exploded on Friday in the Can-Am World Finals at The Dirt Track at Charlotte. While Mat Williamson and Matt Sheppard waged a battle for series supremacy that started during their Heat Races, Jimmy Phelps powered to his first Super DIRTcar Series victory of the season.

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Williamson Draws Even with Sheppard in Super DIRTcar Series Title Battle at Can-Am World Finals

CONCORD, NC – Nov. 7, 2019 – In the midst of the closest Super DIRTcar Series championship battle of all time, every timed lap and every Heat Race at the Can-Am World Finals is vital. On Thursday night at The Dirt Track at Charlotte, Mat Williamson drew first blood with a Billy Whittaker Cars Fast Time Award and won his Heat Race to draw even with defending Series champion Matt Sheppard.

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The Series Championship race tightens, Sheppard wins Brockville, Williamson third

BROCKVILLE, ONT – October 19, 2019 – Defending Series Champion Matt Sheppard’s bucket list just got a little shorter as he took his No. 9S Super DIRTcar Series Big Block Modified to the front for an elusive win at Brockville Ontario Speedway. Rival Larry Wight captured the second step of the podium while Mat Williamson finished third. Sheppard has now retaken the Super DIRTcar Series points lead over Williamson, but only by the slightest margins.



OSWEGO, NY – Oct. 13, 2019 — Would he make it or not? The closing laps of Sunday’s Billy Whittaker Cars 200 capped a drama-filled NAPA Auto Parts Super DIRT Week at Oswego Speedway, where Mat Williamson had enough fuel to charge to the checkers while the car that was closing fast did not.

A late caution set up a shootout to the checkered flag. Williamson, a 29-year-old from St. Catherines, Ontario, was in front with an even younger Anthony Perrego and the sport’s winningest driver, Brett Hearn, closing hard. Then, on the last lap and hoping to pounce on Williamson, former winner Tim Fuller swung around Hearn in turn two, then Perrego’s machine suddenly ran out of fuel and slowed as Williamson raced under the checkers with Fuller in second and Hearn third.

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Billy Decker on the pole for the Billy Whittaker Cars 200, Sheppard and Williamson second and third.

OSWEGO, NY – October 10, 2019 – The Top 6 drivers from today’s Time Trial session are locked into the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 on Sunday, October 13. Billy Decker, from Unadilla, NY, won the STOP Tech/GPS Pole Award at Oswego Speedway with a quick-time of 20.316 seconds for his eighth NAPA Super DIRT Week Big Block Modified pole.

Runner up and defending Super DIRTcar Series Champion, Matt Sheppard, will start second and took home the Dig Safely 811 Outside Pole Award.

Mat Williamson, Tim Fuller, Anthony Perrego, and Justin Haers rounded out the Top 6.

Amidst the busiest week in dirt racing, Billy Decker is relieved and excited to be on the top of the heap going into Sunday’s 200.

“The Gypsum Wholesaler car is really good. I can’t thank the guys at the shop enough,” said Decker on the infield stage.

Decker, still not satisfied with his speed, was looking for some tips from fellow driver Mat Williamson, “I asked Mat if I made a change and what it would do to the car and he gave me the deer in the headlights look.”

The Billy Whittaker Cars 200 pole sitter spoke highly of the sponsor support for NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVIII.

“On behalf of all the drivers I want to thank the product and title sponsors for their support this weekend.”

Matt Sheppard was sure he had the winning lap, but Decker was just a hair too good.

“I thought I had caught pretty good lap there from behind the wheel but Billy [Decker] was just really, really good. We had a fast car yesterday and a fast car today, so we are looking good for the 200.”

Earlier in the day Mat Williamson timed top 6 in the DIRTcar 358 Modified Series Salute to the Troops 150 Time Trial session. Then he came back with his Big Block and clocked it third fastest.

“We’ve been running pretty good. I’m actually a little disappointed with third. It’s a good run for the Buzz Chew guys but we wanted to be on that front row.”

Williamson is very happy with the smooth, fast track. He said, “The guys that make this racetrack deserve a big pay raise because they did an excellent job. There ain’t a ripple in it.”

Tim Fuller also timed in the top 6 for the 358 Modified portion of the event. That’s a good sign going into the weekend’s Features.

“I’m feeling a lot better about the 200 since this morning when we couldn’t get a good lap down.”

“It’s great to Time Trial well in both and start up front and get locked into the show. I had to make the race. No provisional so this is good!” Fuller said with a wide smile.

Anthony Perrego, a Super DIRTcar Series invader, was happy to lock the No. 18 in.

“We were fast all day yesterday. The track changed a little bit there and we got down into the 20-second bracket.”

Justin Haers has shown his grit and resilience this season. He too is relieved to be locked in.

“It’s a big relief off our shoulders. There so many cars here. It’s a great feeling to be locked in. We can play with some stuff in the Heat Race. We don’t have to worry about racing into a qualifying spot.”

And Haers isn’t done making noise.

“The good thing is that I think I can make my car a little bit better.”

The Super DIRTcar Series won’t see the track until 3:45 PM tomorrow for a practice session before the Triple 30 Heat Races. We’ll see you back at Oswego Speedway tomorrow.

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Mat Williamson goes back-to-back with Series wins and is now locked into NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVIII

HOGANSBURG, NY - September 14, 2019 - Mat Williamson made a daring race-winning pass overtaking Billy Dunn and Matt Sheppard to win at Mohawk International Raceway. Williamson went into this weekend without a single Super DIRTcar Series win in 2019 but now he will wake up on Sunday morning with two. The Mohawk win is worth $10,000 as well as a guaranteed start in the Billy Whittaker Cars 200 at NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVIII. Billy Dunn maintained second and Matt Sheppard settled for third. 

Demetrios Drellos, in his black and white No. 111, brought the field to the green flag alongside Erick Rudolph. Drellos led the early stages but slipped up and over the cushion allowing Billy Dunn to inherit the lead. Dunn, Sheppard, and Williamson were locked in a battle when a lapped car forced the leaders to change their racing lines. Suddenly the No. 88 drove high and whipped by Dunn and Sheppard for the lead. 

Mat Williamson is a force to be reckoned with in the Super DIRTcar Series and this weekend is proof positive of that. Friday night he took the win in the Duel at the Demon 100 at Brewerton Speedway and tonight he walks away with $10,000 and a Billy Whittaker Cars 200 guaranteed start. 

Williamson described his race:

“We’ve got a really good car. It was the same thing as last night. We were fortunate with the starting position [fourth both nights]. I dropped back there at the start and I was like, “Man if we don’t get up there before it rubbers we’ll be in trouble.” I think I was back as far as eighth and had to come back up. I made a Bonzai move going into three and four to get around Billy [Dunn]. With the rubber down, it made it challenging at the end. Fortunately, we were up front.”

At the halfway point Williamson took the No. 88 around the outside for a stunning pass on then-leader Billy Dunn. 

“It was a Bonzai move to get around him and he got checked up by a lapped car. He’s great to race with and I’m surprised he didn’t give me any shots in the bumper at the end,” Williamson said with a chuckle. 

It takes a great team to get on a roll in the Super DIRTcar Series. 

“I can’t thank Buzz Chew enough. Spot, Ernie, and Dan, they work on the car every week. My guys came with me tonight and worked their tails off in the pit area,” he said, proudly looking at his crew. 

Runner-up Billy Dunn had a strong night in his Graham Racing machine. A bobble while working around lapped traffic cost him the win but he is happy with the direction of his racing program. 

“This Graham Racing car was really good. We made some petty big changes after the Heat Race. We got it dialed in so we could drive to the front before it rubbered.”

Battles were intense all over the track, especially in the first half of the race. Unfortunately for Dunn, a lapped car unintentionally changed the dynamics of the race for the win.  

“Sometimes that’s the way it goes. Lapped traffic didn’t get out of the way but hey they are racing too,” said Dunn. 

“Two seconds in these cars that I haven’t run much. I gotta thank Ray Graham for the opportunity and my crew guys. They worked their tails off and hopefully, we can build some momentum for the end of the year.”

Defending Series Champion Matt Sheppard showed off once again why he is a champion. The No. 9s is always there at the end. 

“We didn’t get a very good start and dropped back a little bit. We passed a lot of cars and got up here with the leaders,” noted Sheppard. 

Tricky track conditions made strategic decisions very difficult but for Sheppard, the whole race came down to this lap-forty moment:

“I was about a half a car length short of being Mat [Williamson] to the rubber down there out of one and two at about lap 40. I would have never dreamed that that would be the difference between first and third tonight.”

Larry Wight picked up the Billy Whittaker Cars Fast-Time Award after setting the quickest lap out of the thirty-five car field. Wight and his Gypsum Racing teammate Billy Decker both finished the night with top tens. 

Louie Jackson Jr. picked up eight positions to finish sixteenth earning him the KSE Racing Hard Charger Award. 

In the Dig Safely NY 811 Redraw Mike Mahaney drew number 12 out of 12 possible starting positions. For that, he is granted one free tire courtesy of Hoosier Racing Tire. 

The Super DIRTcar Series is back at it again next Saturday, September 21 for another $10,000-to-win NAPA Super DIRT Week XLVIII qualifier. 

FEATURE (100 Laps) 1,88-Mat Williamson [4][$10,000]; 2. 49-Billy Dunn [7][$5,000]; 3. 9S-Matt Sheppard [8][$2,500]; 4. 25-Erick Rudolph [2][$1,800]; 5. 124-David Hebert [9][$1,600]; 6. 19-Tim Fuller [10][$1,400]; 7. 99L-Larry Wight [6][$1,300]; 8. 91-Billy Decker [13][$1,200]; 9. 31-Lance Willix [14][$1,100]; 10. 111-Demetrios Drellos [1][$1,000]; 11. 35-Mike Mahaney [12][$800]; 12. 98H-Jimmy Phelps [11][$700]; 13. 22C-Mario Clair [18][$600]; 14. 26-Ryan Godown [5][$575]; 15. 21A-Peter Britten [15][$550]; 16. 18J-Louis Jackson [24][$525]; 17. 42P-Pat Ward [17][$500]; 18. 27J-Danny Johnson [20][$500]; 19. 66X-Carey Terrance [16][$500]; 20. R2-Rusty Smith [25][$500]; 21. 17-Marcus Dinkins [27][$500]; 22. 2L-Jack Lehner [21][$500]; 23. 63d-Domonic Dufault [23][$500]; 24. R70-Ryan Arbuthnot [3][$500]; 25. 23m-Mike Stacey [19][$500]; 26. 96S-Paul St.Sauveur [26][$500]; 27. 23-Cameron Black [22][$500]

KSE Hard Charger Award: 18J-Louis Jackson[+8]

Contingency Sponsor Awards:

VP Race Fuels $50 – Billy Decker

Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux $100 – Larry Wight

Cometic Gaskets $50 – Peter Britten

Comp Cams $50 – Demetrios Drellos

Fox Racing Shox $50 – Erick Rudolph

JE Pistons $50 – Tim Fuller

MSD Ignition $50 – Billy Dunn

MSD Ignition $25 - Ryan Arbuthnot

NGK Spark Plugs $50 – Erick Rudolph

DART $50 –Demetrios Drellos

Drydene $50 – 

ASI Racewear $50 – 

Product Prizes

Hoosier Racing Tire (1 Free) – Mike Mahaney

Bicknell Racing Products – Mat Williamson

Comp Cams – Billy Dunn

JE Pistons – Peter Britten/Rusty Smith

KSE Racing Products – Marcus Dinkins

Wrisco Aluminum – Mat Williamson

NGK Spark Plugs – Peter Britten

DART – Matt Sheppard/Marcus Dinkins 

Drydene - Marcus Dinkins

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Williamson holds off Chris Hile and Larry Wight to Win the Duel at the Demon 100

BREWERTON, NY - September 13, 2019 - Mat Williamson, from St. Catherines, Ontario, can add Demon Slayer to his list of credentials as he won this year’s Duel at the Demon 100 at Brewerton Speedway. Williamson finally put it all together to park the No. 88 Buzz Chew Big Block Modified in Victory Lane in 2019. 

Brewerton Speedway regular Chris Hile picked up his third career top five in Series competition while battling some of the best drivers in the business. Another home track hero and Series star Larry Wight worked his No. 99L around the top and bottom of the track to make a run for the lead but was forced to settle for third. 


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Larry Wight drove up to the wall to get around Matt Sheppard for Feature win at Granby  

GRANBY, QUE - September 6, 2019 - In what will go down as one of the greatest races in Super DIRTcar Series history, Lightning Larry Wight faced down defending Series Champion and points leader Matt Sheppard as well as his own Gypsum Racing teammate Billy Decker to claim $7,500 and Autodrome Granby glory. The trio of top Series drivers raced wheel-to-wheel for 100 laps, battling for the lead almost non-stop. In the end, Wight won on the topside while Sheppard took the bottom and due to a flat left front tire lost second to Mat Williamson in his fast family-owned No. 6. 



Matt Sheppard $7,500 winner at Weedsport over Danny Johnson and Larry Wight

WEEDSPORT, NY - September 2, 2019 - Super Matt Sheppard beat out Series stars Danny Johnson and Larry Wight in a stunning three-car battle for the win. However once the No. 9S got out in front, it was Sheppard’s show at the front of the field. The Doctor Danny Johnson finished second but led much of the first half of the race. Johnson and Wight battled wheel-to-wheel in the waning laps but Johnson edged out the Gypsum Racing No. 99L to put himself on the second step of the podium. Wight flashed across the line in third. Read more: SHEPPARD SHOOTS TO VICTORY AT WEEDSPORT

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